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Roberta McCrossan is overall Marketing Manager for DataSolutions. Roberta joined DataSolutions in 2001 as Marketing Executive and over the years since then has built up her team of marketers that offer the skills and expertise that are without doubt the best available in the IT channel today! As Marketing Manager Roberta has over 15 years’ experience building the brands for the various vendors DataSolutions distribute and successfully launching them onto the market. At DataSolutions Roberta is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including the company’s overall marketing strategy, all our vendors marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, channel marketing and social media strategy. She is also responsible for organising the numerous end user awareness events DataSolutions run every year. Both the Secure Computing Forum and the .Next Computing Forum regularly have 400+ attendees, these annual events are successfully organised by Roberta. Roberta is passionate about marketing and loves the challenge of tackling how to effectively bring new technologies to market. She likes to do things a little differently and believes that good marketing is about understanding the local market and coming up with creative and innovative marketing programmes that ultimately build better market presence for the vendors, while enabling channel partners to increase revenue and building stronger relationships with their customers. Prior to working with us, Roberta worked as a marketing executive and manager in Trinity Technology and Insight Technologies in Australia for a number of years respectively. She attended college in University College Dublin before going on to complete the highly competitive MSc in Marketing Practice in the prestigious Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, where she finished top of her class. In her spare time she is busy running around after her three small children but always finds time to entertain family and friends and travel when she can!

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