The Mouse You’ll Want in Your House, and Your Pocket

Citrix have announced a lot of new and improved products over the last few months at their Summit and Synergy conferences. From improvements and changes to existing products like XenApp and ShareFile, to new offerings such as the flexible Workspace Cloud, there has been a lot to talk about recently. Yet there is one thing that has been sticking in everyone’s mind and has seen an unprecedented amount of interest; the Citrix X1 Mouse.

Now Bluetooth mice are nothing new and are almost a necessity for people using Citrix to working on the go, but what makes the X1 mouse special is one simple fact; it’s designed to work with iPad and other iOS devices! This is something of a game changer for iOS Citrix users as they have been unable to use Bluetooth mice until now. No more will iOS users be forced to lose functionality by trying to click and make precise selections with their fingers on a small tablet screen.

The X1 mouse opens a new world of flexible working for iOS devices and so far has received an overwhelming positive reception across all business types and sizes. So if Citrix gets brought up in any discussions with clients or colleagues in the near future make sure to mention this little marvel, I can guarantee they will want to hear about it.