DataSolutions has a pedigree of bringing disruptive and ground-breaking new technologies to market and have recently expanded our portfolio by becoming a distributor for Cohesity across UK and Ireland.

But why, among all of the new vendors clamouring for attention at the moment, would we place our bets on Cohesity?

First a little background.

Hyperconvergence is all the rage and promises to bring cloud-like simplicity, scalability and economics to our on-premise data centres. This “start small” but “scale indefinitely” technology has its roots in the techniques used in building the hyper-scale clouds such as Google and AWS. Smart minds from organisations like these decided that the approach could also greatly benefit normal businesses and started companies such as Nutanix, another of our vendors, to bring it to the masses.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (or HCI for short) typically converges compute, storage and networking resources into small, commodity x86 server nodes and allows organisations to build out their virtual computing infrastructure in small increments, one node at a time, as required. There is no complex Storage Area Network underpinning clusters built upon HCI and the whole system is software defined, highly available and incredibly performant.

Until recently though, HCI has focused on providing the compute and primary storage resources on which to run production applications. In terms of the typical data storage requirements of an enterprise however, this is the tip of the iceberg and only represents about 20% of the total storage capacity required. The other 80% is for the “dark data” typically hosted on secondary storage. This comprises backups, archives, file shares and copies for test and development, and analytics purposes among others. This secondary data is usually sprawled across multiple silos for all of the different purposes mentioned and is difficult and expensive to manage.

Cohesity, from the same stables as Nutanix, has recently hit the limelight by taking a hyperconverged approach to taming this sprawl of secondary data silos. They consolidate not just the storage but also the management of all of this dark data onto hyperconverged nodes which greatly simplifies tasks such as compliance, e-discovery, analytics and test/dev. This is because, as nodes are added, both the storage capacity and computing power of the solution increases incrementally allowing extremely efficient deduplication, compression and indexing of the data across one single storage pool.

The Cohesity DataPlatform can either be implemented as a high performance, scalable but economical backup and archiving target for an existing software backup solution or all of its management capabilities can be enabled and Cohesity can take over this function as well.

Cohesity has recently secured a further $90 million in C-round funding taking the total so far to $160 million so investors are extremely excited by the technology. They have also recently been named a “Cool Vendor in Storage Technologies, 2017” by Gartner.

We at DataSolutions are really excited to bring this amazing technology to our UK and Ireland partners and believe the future is very bright for Cohesity.

If you would like to learn more about Cohesity, make sure to register for one of their weekly webinars. The next in the series is taking place on May 23rd and you can register here. Alternatively if you would like to set up a call or meeting to discuss Cohesity in more detail, please do get in touch.

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