April has gotten off to a flying start for Cohesity, the leader in the secondary hyperconverged storage space. Not only have they announced the version 4.0 of their award winning software, but they also have had a successful third round of funding. Both of these announcements deserve due attention, so let us look at the latest version announcement first.

Version 4.0 will bring some much requested updates to both the DataPlatform and DataProtect applications. 4.0 will enable administrators to assign storage quotas for individual file systems and create write-once-read-many file systems for regulatory compliance. DataProtect 4.0 will also include NAS backups for the first time on the Cohesity infrastructure, while DataPlatform 4.0 will improve usable capacity by up to 43% through new erasure coding for clusters.

One of the most interested additions to 4.0 will be the inclusion of new S3 protocol, which will allow for the consolidation of object silos and simplified management of extensive file and object data on the same system. This will allow for data storage on a web-scale system that removes duplicates, while allowing the data to be tiered into public or private cloud services easily, increasing system flexibility and cost savings. Version 4.0 is expected to be available by the end of Q2/beginning of Q3 this year.Version 4.0

In addition to the Version 4.0 announcement, Cohesity recently closed their Series C funding round with giants such as Alphabet’s GV division (formerly Google Ventures) and Sequoia Capital leading the pack this round. Karim Faris, the GV partner who led the Cohesity investment, acknowledged the main reason behind GV’s investment is to further their aim of helping businesses make use of mountains of stashed-away data. In relation to the investment, Faris has said his team have “been looking for a product that could “light up” that data through software. Cohesity brings instant access, search, discoverability and the ability to restore data very easily. They figured out a way to seamlessly insert themselves into the flow of how you do things”.

It is estimated that approximately $90m was raised in the Series C round, bringing the total funding raised by Cohesity to $160m since its first round of funding back in November 2013.

Check how more info on Version 4.0 and the latest funding round here.