“May the Force be with us!” – Rogue One Screening

“It is a period of hybrid war. Nutanix Enterprise Clouds, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victories against the evil Three Tier Empire. During the battles, Nutanix teams managed to secure secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Converged Platform, an armoured rack with enough power to destroy an entire IT team. Pursued by the Empire’s sinister sales stormtroopers, Nutanix Nutants race to new planets aboard the Enterprise Cloud, custodians of the of new plans that can save IT Teams and restore freedom to the datacenter….” 

December 15th was a big day for Star Wars fans young and old with the release of Rogue One, the first of the new Star Wars anthology films set to come out over the next number of years. To commemorate the release, Nutanix with sponsorship and support from DataSolutions organised a private screening in Omniplex Rathmines for our customers and their families. With complimentary tickets, refreshments, and lightsabers for all in attendance, the event was a great success and was enjoyed immensely by all on the night.

We were also joined on the night by a pair of Stormtroopers whom decided to take a break from patrolling the Death Star and conquering the galaxy. They spent the evening interacting and posing for pictures with all the people in attendance on the night. They were welcomed by all, in particular the children who were there with their families for the Rogue One screening.

We do hope you all enjoyed the night and we look forward to seeing you all again soon…..and hopefully not in an Imperial prison! #RogueOne

NTNX Rogue One Collage