As a distributor focused on disrupting the market through offering innovative solutions for our partners, DataSolutions are happy to announce that we have signed Densify, the experts in public cloud and virtual infrastructure optimisation analytics.

Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimises cloud environments in real-time, enabling customers to operate with less cloud cost, less infrastructure and better performing applications. Through the use of their solutions, organisations see savings of 20-80% costs across hardware, cloud, and software licensing, all the while being in a position to increase the automation of their environment and reduce their capacity related performance risk.

One of the key benefits of Densify is that it is a complete service that combines the industry’s #1 optimization analytics engine delivered in a SaaS model with the expertise of Densification Advisors, experts in infrastructure optimization that manage  data collection, tune policies, and run the  analytics for customers to ensure success. This removes any burden of having to learn how to use the software from the client side, making the solution incredibly easy to adopt and get the benefit from. Densify delivers immediate business value in these key areas:

  • Reducing public cloud costs through detailed examinations of public cloud utilisation and billing data to help customers actively reduce costs for services. This is done by leveraging workload pattern analysis and industry benchmarks to enable more advanced optimisation of cloud usage. For customers, this translates into savings of 41% on average.
  • Reducing infrastructure requirements in bare metal clouds and on-premise infrastructure environments by analysing workload patterns to right-size allocations and strategically place VMs both. Densify is the only solution that can dovetail workloads to increase density by an average of 48%, resulting in a savings of 33%.
  • Reducing performance risk through the use of predictive analytics which leverage historical patterns to model what a workload is going to do in the future. This enables Densify to automatically and proactively place and size VMs to avoid compute and storage risks. It also provides real-time responses to address operational anomalies and unexpected resource shortfalls.
  • Optimising application placements through reviewing all existing application requirements and workload patterns to automatically place workloads in the best hosting environments whether in the cloud or on-premise. This can be programmed with set business requirements, such as percentage split between on-prem and cloud, cost efficiencies, and strategic priorities.
  • Transforming infrastructure to enable faster, lower risk and more efficient detailed cloud migration, consolidation and technology refresh plans.

Customers can get started free for the first 14 days – Download Here. Get in touch today and start your journey towards a simpler, optimised cloud infrastructure.