I’m sure you’ve all been hearing about hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as being the new big thing. However, there have been a few myths popping up around the concept and I myself have sometimes found it difficult to find reliable sources that give a simplified explanation of what it is. I keep thinking that there must be a better way to not only introduce people to the technology but learn and discuss it in depth. We need to have a platform for people in the industry to voice their opinions and thoughts on hyper-converged infrastructure and how we think it will change how things are done in the industry in the future.

To this end, I have setup Dublin’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Meetup group (I’m working on a catchier name, I promise!), a discussion group run through Meetup.com that will allow those who wish to learn more about HCI to meet and have detailed discussions with both their peers and experts in the industry. It will be a platform for both industry veterans and new entrants to learn more about HCI and what it means for our industry through lively discussion and debate.

I have seen the success that some of my peers have had in helping to spread awareness and understanding of new technologies, such as Arista’s Alan McNab with his Dublin Software Defined Networking Meetup group which has had a number of successful meetings. This is something that I want replicate for the hyper-converged sector here.

This Meetup group is also something I want to get the wider community involved in as well. If any of you have ideas for future Meetups around the hyper-converged infrastructure space or if you would have any interest in joining as a co-contributor, I would be more than happy to chat on it further with you.

The first Meetup is scheduled for April 18th in the Fitzwilliam Hotel at 6pm to 8pm, where both I and my co-contributor James Sturrock, a Senior SE from the leading company in hyper-convergence, Nutanix, will be kicking off the series with the topic “Demystifying Hyper-convergence and the Cloud“. We will be discussing all aspects of hyper-converged infrastructure, where it fits (and doesn’t) and how it stacks up against traditional infrastructure.

So come join us on April 18th for an interesting discussion and great guest contributor. I hope to see you there!

Many thanks,