Citrix are prepared for Windows 10. Are You? With the release of the highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system (OS) this Wednesday, many software vendors are still programming their migration tools for their products to the new OS. Citrix however do not have this problem, having taken a number of steps already to get ready for the big event with a number of specialised tools to aid their end users.

Citrix have said that its app and desktop virtualisation software with migration tools will enable partners to deliver access to business applications on Windows 10 PCs and tablets during the migration process. The new Citrix Receiver for Windows is made with accessing current desktops on Windows 10 in mind and it’s already available for download. Also using AppDNA will help to automate and analyse the migration, allowing for IT engineers to find and solve any issues early on, allowing for a smoother change over.

It’s not just the app and desktop software that is receiving special attention. With the whole premise behind Windows 10 being the same OS (or close to it) on traditional and mobile devices, the latest versions of XenMobile have been designed to offer instant support for any and all Windows mobile devices that move up to the new OS. In addition many organisations will most likely be using this change over to explore more of their Cloud computing opportunities, for which Citrix are also prepared for, with their Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners all updated and ready to offer their products on the new platform.

The release of Windows 10 is going to be the cause of a lot of renewed activity in the market over the next few months, with companies and organisations taking the time to ensure a seamless migration and exploring new opportunities. If you are exploring new options for your organisation in light of the release, giving serious consideration to Citrix and its solutions would be a great place to start!