What Our Channel Partners Say About Us

quote-mark-blue1We got up and running straight away. They provided the service. They provided the expertise, competitive pricing …… they provided telephone support for us when we were in competitive bids. So overall it was a very beneficial relationship for both of us. It worked. I suppose the proof that it worked is that we are still here after all of these years, we’re still doing business.”

Jim Foy, Business Development Manager, HP



quote-mark-blue1sDataSolutions is a distributor that the channel can really leverage in terms of taking new products to market. They’re passionate about helping partners like ourselves to educate and bring new technologies to our customers and they are always on hand to help us by attending meetings or working with us about providing expert advice.”

Edel Creely, Group Managing Director, Trilogy Technologies

quote-mark-blue1sOne of the things we look for is value added distributors that can bring market leading solutions to us that we can subsequently bring on to our customers. One thing that we find is that  DataSolutions can certainly step up to the mark delivering a quality service and support to the team at Integrity 360.”

Darren Lawlor, Senior Account Manager, Integrity 360



quote-mark-blue1s“DataSolutions have been our number one Distribution Partner for over 15 years. They are one of the most progressive Distributors in terms of new product partnerships offering full support elements to help drive successful adoption in the marketplace, as well as being steadfast in their continued commercial and marketing support for our existing business practices. We look forward to the next 15 years working together.”

Aidan McEvoy, Sales Director, Zinopy

quote-mark-blue1sPhone Pulse has chosen DS as their go to distributor for IP telephony and Unified Communications. We found them to be a very professional organisation right down to distribution, communications on arrival of product, arrival of software. Were really pleased with how we are able to interact with the teams and understand when the product is ordered and when the product is actually going to arrive.”

David Lang, Sales Director, Phone Pulse





quote-mark-blue1sThe team at DataSolutions consistently demonstrates an exceptional focus on delivering strong technical skills, value added services and innovative sales and marketing tools to help reseller partners like ourselves in Ireland grow our business and bring best of breed technologies to our end user customers.”

Derek Cullen, Director, Enterprise Solutions