A new major ransomware cyber-attack is unrolling worldwide and leaving chaos in its wake. Global US firms have been affected, but most incidents are being reported out of Europe—and especially Ukraine.

The malware believed to be used is a variant of a strain first introduced last year called Petya, which was updated to overcome fixes put in place to protect against it. The new malware name: Petwrap.

At this point, it’s unclear which version might be the culprit.

As the spate of ransomware outbreaks over the past month have shown, these types of cyber-attacks are spiking in frequency and global reach. Organisations can protect themselves from ransomware attacks with cyber security solutions that focus on prevention.

There is a suite of evolving tools available from a number of security vendors aimed at protecting organisation from this type of attack. One to include would be Check Point Sandblast and Anti -Ransomware solutions which can protect organisations against attacks such as Petya, Petwrap, WannaCry and others.

A starting point we would recommend that companies organise a Security Check-up to see if they can benefit from these types of prevention tools. DataSolutions can organise a free onsite security assessment that will expose any potential risks and provide a threat analysis report with recommendations on how companies can protect their network.

Maya Horowitz who is head of the Threat Intelligence group at Check Point Software Technologies will be speaking at the Secure Computing Forum taking place in September.  In the last 3 years she has been leading Check Point’s threat analysis and intelligence operations, including the global hunting of new malware and campaigns, and the tailored intelligence services for customers.

Irish businesses would be encouraged to attend as the conference will provide them with an opportunity to learn more about how they can protect and defend their organisations from current and future ransomware attacks.