A new survey reveals that over 30,000 working mothers are leaving the workforce annually due to the costs of childcare. Overall, this loss of talent is costing Irish businesses an estimated €68 million, thanks largely to the cost of hiring and training new workers.

According to The Journal, nearly 70% of the survey participants want to see legislation introduced that provides a tax break or a subsidy for childcare.

Of the 33,500 working mothers who plan to return to work once their children are older, 8,200 want a job with more flexible hours and technologies. The findings indicate that virtualised solutions are key to helping mothers stay in the workforce.

“There is a huge pool of female talent being lost every year because of the high costs of childcare in Ireland,” said Citrix Vice President of Northern Europe Jacqueline Rojas. “This is a critical issue for the economy as evidenced by the estimated €68 million being spent by firms replacing women who would have liked to remain working. Furthermore, over eight thousand new mothers will change jobs because of the lack of flexibility afforded to them by their current employer.”

The results give credence to the idea that virtualisation – such as that offered by Citrix – can save businesses money by helping them keep their employees with young children.